Retail parks

Our ANPR parking solutions protect genuine customers, prevent misuse and provide a low cost, reliable way to manage your car park.

A well managed car park benefits you and your customers. But when people abuse your parking facilities through overstays or misuse, it can cause problems for genuine users and cost you revenue.

You can rely on our ANPR parking solutions to protect genuine customer use whilst providing a cost effective and reliable way to manage your car park. They’re ideal for a wide range of sites, including retail parks, shopping centres, pubs and restaurants.

Our parking solutions help you:

  • Shopping Retail Parks - Our MarketsIncrease compliance by reducing overstays and unauthorised parking
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Protect your reputation through responsible and fair enforcement
  • Make it easier for your customers to find a space and reduce congestion
  • Identify appropriate free parking timeframes and grace periods 
  • Manage a white-list for authorised users via a simple portal 

Our accurate software identifies unauthorised vehicles or overstays. Manual checks from our in-house team, backed up by our unrivalled customer focused approach mean only genuine non compliance is enforced.

ANPR a customer focused approach

Tailored, scalable solutions

Our ANPR solutions are flexible to suit the changing needs of your business. We’ll work with you to create a tailored solution that works just for you. Additional services are also available depending on your business needs, including: ANPR linked payment options via payment terminals plus account based mobile and app solutions; white list management; tariff management and operational support. 

Choose NCP and benefit from:

  • A cost effective, flexible solution
  • Responsible, fair and transparent enforcement
  • Our unrivalled brand reputation and experience
  • Industry accredited signage, PCN processing and appeals
  • A professional service from consultation and installation to ongoing account management 

We understand that enforcement can be a contentious issue, particularly in retail which is why we have conducted a study on consumer attitudes on retail parking. In this we look at enforcement, and the importance of parking for the retail customer. 

View our retail parking behaviour and attitude study

We use ANPR across our own estate and our clients are benefitting from it too. Find out how we can help you provide a simple, competitive and customer friendly solution. 

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