Modernising city centre parking with Bolton Council

NCP - Bolton car park

• 35 year partnership

• We built two new MSCPS in a Design, Build, Fund, Operate (DBFO) agreement

• Modernisation programme across all 22 existing car parks

• Improved payment options for customers

• Topp Way voted Best New Car Park at British Parking Awards

We’re working with Bolton Council to modernise city centre parking and support the city’s economic regeneration. In a 35 year partnership deal we’re improving 22 existing car parks and we’ve built two new multi-storeys.

Long term goals

The two new MSCPs – Topp way and Deane Road - are a key element of the council’s vision for Bolton, to provide modern, accessible parking in strategic locations to aid the city’s regeneration.  And as developer and operator, it was our objective to provide safe, attractive and cost effective facilities that reflect Bolton’s aspirations for the future.

We created two stylish, customer focused car parks which offer a much enhanced user experience – vital in encouraging a change in customer behaviour away from the inner city centre surface parking to enhance the area and reduce congestion.

Designing, building, funding and operating the two MSCPs are part of our long term commitment to Bolton Council.  And as part of the partnership we’re also delivering an end-to-end modernisation programme across the existing car park provision.

Our experience shows investing in car parks yields a better return over the long term. Some of our achievements to date include:

  • Topp Way was voted Best New Car Park at the British Parking Awards.
  • Creating a CCTV control centre, which we operate in partnership with the Greater Manchester Police.
  • We’ve transformed customer service. Our customer contact centre provides 24/7 support and colleagues patrol on bicycles so they can help customers as quickly as possible.
  • We’ve improved car park security. This helped to bring shoppers back to the city centre.
  • Parking equipment upgrades give customers more ways to pay for their parking
  • Adopted the management of Octagon Theatre MSCP and delivered an extensive refurbishment project. This has helped support the theatre and Bolton’s night time economy.

Partners in city regeneration

We’re committed to helping Bolton Council achieve its regeneration ambitions. Modernising car parks is not only improving the customer experience but is also increasing volume and revenue, while the construction of multi-storey sites is releasing other car park land for new initiatives.

Together we’re delivering parking that supports growth within the local economy and gives the city centre a future to look forward to. 

Discover what a partnership with NCP can achieve for you

We’ve proved public/private partnerships really do work. Bolton is able to outsource its parking to a specialist partner whilst guaranteeing rental income. So, why not draw on our unrivalled experience of working with local authorities to see what we could achieve together?