Delivering 5* parking management at Royal Garden Hotel

Royal Garden Hotel car park management

• 50% volume and revenue growth over last four years

• Introducing new products, including Pre book through ANPR

• Flexible resourcing for event support

• Equipment and lighting investment to enhance the customer experience

We’re working in partnership with the Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington, one of London’s 5* plus luxury hotels, to provide 5* customer service, parking management and revenue management at the hotel’s car park. We’re also supporting the concierge service to ensure a fully integrated parking solution.

NCP’s excellent customer service has provided Royal Garden with fully flexible and professional staff for both the car park and our events. Their courteous and friendly manner has enabled us to maintain our high standards of service that our customers expect. In addition, their management of the car park and diversification has provided additional streams of revenue growth, with the contract management team always on hand to provide strategic advice in helping us to improve our parking services.

Jonathan Lowrey, General Manager, Royal Garden Hotel General Manager

Making parking part of the hotel experience

The Royal Garden Hotel prides itself on a warm welcome and excellent customer service and such, recognises that its car parking must contribute to the overall customer experience.  Following a competitive tender process NCP was appointed to support the hotel in its customer service and commercial requirements, ensuring the car park makes a significant contribution to the success of the hotel.

Our joint achievements include:

  • Growing revenue by over 50% and volume by more than 65%
  • Introducing an ANPR led pre-book option for customers
  • Upgrading parking equipment and lighting to enhance the customer experience
  • Generating additional revenue streams by utilising space and accommodating local business parking at low capacity periods
  • Introducing a range of tailored parking products to suit the hotel’s diverse customer base
  • Providing a fully trained, flexible pool of front line colleagues to support the hotel’s high profile events
  • Installing new signage to improve wayfinding and customer information points
  • Creating a long term parking strategy for the hotel

A tailored, customer focused approach

Through the use of NCP’s commercial insight team and delivery of new products, rather than simply increasing tariffs, we have grown revenue and volume by over 50% and 65% respectively over the last four years.

Our hotel parking solutions are helping the Royal Garden Hotel deliver on its excellent customer service ethos as well as providing effective, commercially beneficial car park management.

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