Building for the future at Addenbrookes Hospital

NCP - Addenbrookes car park

• 1050 spaces

• £10.5m investment

• Design, Build, Fund, Operate (DBFO) agreement

• 35 year agreement

• State of the art, future design

In a 35 year deal, NCP designed, built, financed and operates the award winning 1050 space multi-storey car park for Addenbrookes Hospital, part of Cambridge University NHS Trust. We delivered on time and on budget. Today it provides valuable 24 hour parking to staff, patients and visitors.

“We have an aligned partnership with NCP and have found them to be a progressive parking provider and one that takes time to understand the needs of the Trust and then seek to provide the most appropriate solution. NCP regularly meet to discuss and review the parking at the hospital and are flexible to meet our needs.”

Stuart Hay, Deputy Director of Estates & Facilities

Identifying the key objectives

We worked with Cambridge University NHS Trust to understand the hospital’s parking needs. Our objectives were to:

  • Meet the requirements of hospital staff, patients and visitors
  • Provide safe, 24 hour parking
  • Make parking as simple and easy as possible
  • Create a sustainable, future proof parking solution
  • Minimise lifecycle and maintenance costs and the environmental impact

We reviewed every aspect of the existing parking operation, from security to traffic management and consulted with stakeholders to ensure we understood everyone’s requirements.

Improving the parking experience

Our extensive research enabled us to build a customer focused, state-of-the art building, relevant to its setting and with a low maintenance approach that delivers the best return on the Trust’s £10.5m investment:

  • The NCP project team created a design and environment that is efficient and user friendly
  • We implemented a number of key measures to make it feel as safe and welcoming as possible. Help is on hand at all times from  staff on site and our Customer Contact Centre
  •  Parking is hassle free and covered walkways provide easy access to the hospital
  • Well designed traffic management systems minimise congestion around the hospital and ensure emergency vehicles always have clear access.
  • We used green technologies wherever possible; a roof turbine provides power for the lighting system
  • The car park was given the ‘Park Mark’ award for safety and design the year it opened and has retained it ever since

Whatever your requirements, talk to us

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