Delivering added value at Cardiff Airport

NCP - airport terminal car park

By working in partnership, we continued to demonstrate that Cardiff Airport were a key client, not just ‘another contract.”

While Cardiff Airport’s in-house operational team delivered parking services on the ground, NCP managed and maximised net revenue for the airport. This included advising and leading on:

  • inventory and pricing management
  • revenue and yield management
  • distribution and channel selection
  • provision of a customer facing contact centre
  •  marketing services

A sustainable parking strategy

The partnership was based on tangible risk and reward – with a revenue share mechanism in place, whereby all delivery costs and risk were covered by NCP – leading to the development and delivery of a sustainable parking strategy.

Our FY16 revenue from pre-booked parking had grown by almost 25%, outpacing passenger growth of 20%. 

This was driven by stronger pricing strategies alongside volume growth that had grown ahead of total airport passenger growth.

The partnership was overseen by a steering group comprising senior personnel from both NCP and Cardiff Airport. This provided oversight and directed future developments.

By working in partnership, we continued to demonstrate that Cardiff Airport was a key client, not just ‘another contract.”

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