Redefining the parking partnership at Birmingham Airport

NCP - Birmingham Airport Car Park

Working in partnership with Birmingham Airport we’ve breathed new life into a long-term contract by introducing a very different and innovative business model.

We have held the car parking contract at Birmingham Airport for over 20 years, managing 13,000 spaces across 11 car parks. And what started out as a traditional, SLA based operation has evolved into a breakthrough partnership that sets the bar for the industry – with a focus on shared risk, reward and continuous improvement that continually delivers growth above passenger numbers

The partnership consistently examines strategy and delivery to ensure that the partnership stays true to its objectives. By applying its industry leading experience to all aspects of the contract, NCP ensures that we are constantly challenging the status quo to deliver far more than just a parking service. 

Jo Lloyd, Birmingham Airport’s commercial director

Benefits of the partnership

The partnership benefits from our industry leading experience across all aspects of airport parking, from first class operational delivery to the development of long term commercial and investment strategy and marketing, product development, pricing, yield management.

  • Aligned strategic, commercial and customer service objectives – driving long term revenue whilst putting the customer at the heart of the partnership
  • Shared risk and reward – all investments agreed by both parties
  • Greater focus on airport and customer needs through continuous improvement and tailored products, rather than KPIs
  • Ongoing collaboration through a Partnership Group, led by senior management from both NCP and Birmingham Airport
  • Management decisions are made in ‘real time’ with NCP's contract team working as part of Birmingham's team on site

Our achievements include

  • Consecutive years with growth above passenger trend growth
  • Created three new car park facilities through shared capital expenditure investment, offering a wider choice of parking products for customers
  • 24/7 customer support from our on-site and central contact centres
  • Introduced a new booking engine on to make the booking process easier and simpler
  • Increased presence on inventory channels – offering the right product at the right price at the right time to drive incremental revenue

NCP is clearly committed to a long term partnership with us, which allows the partnership to truly innovate to deliver further customer opportunities and growth.

Jo Lloyd, Birmingham Airport’s commercial director

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