NCP rolls out lone worker protection devices to enhance staff safety

NCP - Staff

The UK’s largest parking operator and retailer, NCP, has rolled out lone-worker protection and security devices to its 980 frontline staff – many of whom spend all or part of their time at work on their own.

NCP has adopted Identicom 8 Series devices which are being used by frontline staff to enhance their safety and to monitor for health issues. The intention is that all lone frontline staff will adopt the new technology – which consists of a worn GPS and GSM-connected device linked to a central security centre.  

The devices have audio evidence capture for conflict situations and record incidents where required. They also have automatic “Man Down” detection (using gyroscopic sensors) which automatically triggers an alert to the security centre and help can be dispatched.

In addition, the Identicom 8 also enables two-way contact between front line staff and the NCP customer contact centre to manage any issues that may be detected. Using the devices, NCP staff can switch on an Amber or Red Alert, which triggers a recording which is captured and then stored remotely to track incidents and assist with any follow-up enquiries required.

Adrian Cobbledick, Head of NCP’s Customer Contact Centre said:

Frontline staff safety is our primary concern and lies behind our decision to roll out this technology. Unfortunately, staff do encounter conflict situations and this means they can alert a central security centre and we can offer support or send additional resources as required. At the same time, we want to ensure that members of staff who suffer health issues at work are also protected.