NCP agree new 35 year lease and complete £380,000 refurbishment of flagship site

NCP Car Parking Ramp

We can round-off 2018 with more good news as we’ve just completed a £380,000 refurbishment of one of our flagship sites in the UK which is a great example of our commitment to our partners and the customers we serve.

What’s more, we’ve also completed a new long-term lease on the site, creating a win-win for both us and our landlord. Making the investment in the site and agreeing a new lease for 35 years means we have dramatically increased the investment value of the property.

This is a great example of the way that NCP works with its partners to invest in the sites we operate and manage, maximising the value generated for all parties.

While we continue to seek new opportunities as part of our ambitious growth strategy, we want to continue to work with existing landlords and stakeholders. If you’re looking to partner with a market-leading business committed to adding value, then NCP is the place to come!