NCP achieves 300 People’s Parking Award accreditations

People's Parking Award

Improving parking standards for all customers

NCP is delighted to receive its 300th accreditation from People’s Parking Ltd in recognition for our commitment and dedication to improving our car parks for motorists.

NCP has been working closely with People’s Parking Ltd, founded by disability rights campaigner Helen Dolphin MBE in 2016, to improve customer experience in car parks by adhering to the standards set out by the award.  This includes highlighting car parks whose facilities meet a set standard for disabled people, parents, commuters, cyclists, motorcyclists, EVs and those who drive wheelchair accessible vehicles or camper vans.

Longer term, NCP’s has a desire and focus to become the UK’s market leader in accessible parking.  Through working in close partnership with People’s Parking Ltd, we aim to achieve this and continue to improve the standards in our car parks.  In 2020, we submitted a further 100 car parks for accreditation and are delighted that these have been achieved and surpassed bringing our total up to 300. NCP is extremely proud of this accolade as it reflects all the hard work by our staff in achieving and maintaining these high standards today and going forward.

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