Free parking for NHS Heroes scheme

NHS Free Parking

Free parking for NHS Heroes scheme extended

During the Coronavirus pandemic, NCP has been delighted to offer free parking at many of our car parks across our towns and cities. We said we’d review this at the end of April and we’re delighted to announce that free parking for NHS Heroes and all its volunteers will now be extended at selected car parks and reviewed weekly until lockdown rules are relaxed.

From Tuesday 21 April 2020, NHS Heroes and volunteers can park for free at circa 30 car parks. These sites and locations are the most used by the NHS and are near to hospitals. At other car parks, where the free parking for NHS offer no longer applies, we’re introducing a new offer of £5 for 24 hours parking.

For as long as we’re able to, NCP will be supporting the NHS during these challenging times. We’ve been delighted at the feedback we’ve had from our free parking offer and what this gesture has meant to NHS staff. It means a lot to us, and all our staff as well, to be able to help the NHS in the only way we can during this time.

For more information on how to access the free parking for NHS Heroes scheme and our new £5 for 24 hours parking offer, please visit our website and the information will be available via the homepage.