The changing face of NCP's property expertise

The changing face of NCP's property expertise

The changing face of NCP’s property expertise

The property team here at NCP has grown substantially in the last six months as we have re-shaped our skills to meet the evolving needs of the market, landlords and property owners. The breadth of NCP’s professional services have also grown as we have expanded our team with some of the best in the business.

We now offer strategic advice to property owners – from retail & leisure facilities, residential, hospitals, higher education and local authorities. We can bring decades of experience to bear to ensure that sites are designed for the future, with appropriate capacity and the customer experience at the forefront.

We also now work with property owners to provide advice on car park design, development and delivery, including potential funding options, even on sites where we will not ultimately run the operations. And even where we have commercial relationships on sites, we remain innovators.

For example, we recently worked with our landlords to complete the disposal of our leasehold interests on two legacy sites, so the properties in question can be put to uses other than parking. The two deals raised over £3 million for NCP – and exceptional returns for the property owners. So, it was a win-win for all parties.

At the same time, we completed a £380,000 refurbishment of one of our flagship sites in Scotland. Making significant investment means we’ve agreed a new lease, which will see us take the property on for the next 35 years, dramatically increasing the investment value of the site for the landlord.

Both of these deals – though very different in structure and ultimate outcome – demonstrate that NCP’s property team are flexible, innovative and are always looking at how we can add value to our customers through the established and trusted relationships that we build. We constantly review ways to maximise the value of our customer’s investments and potential returns from the sites we partner on. Whether those gains will come from effective management, redevelopment or disposal, we are always on our client’s side.

So if you have a need for expertise in car park design, build or management, we now have a team that is well-equipped to support. Find out more about our property operations or get in touch with us directly at

Lee Holland, NCP Property Director