NCP: A history of innovation

Synonymous with car parking, NCP is the market leading car park provider in the UK.

We run over 500 car parks in town and city centres, airports and railway stations. With an annual turnover of around £250m, we serve more than 40 million customers a year.

We’ve come a long way since our formation in 1931, when the first NCP car park was created on a bombsite in Holborn, London. By the mid 1990s NCP had become one of the most successful private businesses in the UK.

Several acquisitions saw NCP shift from a property owning business to a more service-orientated organisation, with the customer journey the focus of its operations. From launching the industry’s first public-private partnership, with Manchester City Council in 1999, to being the first to offer pre-book parking, NCP has always been at the forefront of innovation.

Adapting to changing customer needs

Throughout our long history we’ve embraced changes in technology and have continuously adapted to meet our client and customers’ needs.

In today’s market, engaging with customers throughout their parking journey is key. And as technology innovations offer even greater opportunities for us to improve the user journey, understand our customers and maximise revenue, we’ll continue to be at the forefront of parking.

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August 2017, NCP is owned by Park24, a listed Japanese company, and Development Bank of Japan (DBJ). Prior to this, NCP was successfully managed by Macquarie European Infrastructure Fund 2 for 10 years.

Park24 is the majority owner based in Tokyo and is a major parking operator with 1,043,570 spaces in over 19,000 sites, across 8 countries. DBJ, co-investor alongside Park24 and a Japanese government-owned financial institution, is a sophisticated private equity investor who also has a strong track record in infrastructure finance.