Corporate Social Responsibility

We recognise that our activities have an impact on the environment and are committed to minimising this impact

​Our activities and corporate policies can and should contribute to a safer society and better environment; ensuring we consistently provide efficient and sustainable car parking solutions aligned to our clients’ and customers’ needs.

Our environment

NCP is firmly committed to maintaining the highest standards of ethics, honesty, openness and accountability and all employees have an important role to play.

We strive to meet and exceed the expectations of customers and society in caring for the environment and are dedicated to protecting human health, natural resources and the global environment.

Car use will continue to grow in the UK and NCP encourages responsible car use and manages parking so as to reduce congestion, improve safety and reduce crime. In doing so, we provide:

  • a wide range of social and environmental benefits to the communities in which we operate.
  • sustainable parking solutions aligned to our clients' and customers' needs.

CSR Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle: we're continually looking for ways to reduce our energy consumption. We reduce, reuse and recycle and include sustainable measures in the planning, design and operation of new car parks.

CSR Energy Efficiency

Energy efficient equipment upgrades: as part of our commitment to reduce energy use and carbon emissions, we are actively pursuing an equipment upgrade programme across our portfolio.

CSR Energy Efficient Lighting

Ambitious energy saving lighting: in an industry leading retrofit programme we're replacing fluorescent tubes for LEDs across our estate. This is providing lighter, brighter and safer car parks whilst reducing our energy consumption and carbon footprint.

CSR ISO Accreditation logo

Environmental accreditation: NCP’s Management System is fully accredited to ISO14001. Regularly reviewed and audited our suite of procedures provides local managers with the tools to implement sustainable practices within their operations.

CSR Carbon Reduction

Carbon reduction: NCP has implemented an aggressive carbon reduction programme since 2005 with aspirations to become truly carbon neutral by 2020.

CSR Green Energy

Green energy procurement: to ensure that carbon reduction opportunities are maximised, we seek to ensure that 100% of the energy procured is from green sources.

CSR Local initiatives

Local initiatives: NCP strives to be part of any local community in which we operate and we employ local labour and suppliers where possible. We are committed to fostering long lasting community relationships and encourage our employees to support local initiatives.

CSR National Support and Charity Work

National support: from 2012-2016, we were a Patron for The Princes Trust, supporting the charity through fundraising and mentoring. In 2017 we entered into partnership with four of the country’s largest children’s hospitals; Glasgow Children’s Hospital, Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, Birmingham Children’s Hospital and Bristol Hospital.